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Gear & Spells

A collection of items, spells, and treasure that you can use in your games. Feel free to modify these or create your own.

Starting Gear

Adventurers can start a game with any of this gear.

  • A weapon. A sword, dagger, bow and arrow, spear, axe, or hammer.
  • Armor and a shield (optional). Protect yourself and look cool doing it.
  • A wand or staff (optional). For casting magical stuff.
  • Rope. About 50’ of it, for climbing, rappelling, and capturing monsters.
  • Food & Water. Useful for luring monsters into traps.
  • Coins. Buy stuff with it or bribe a guard.
  • A healing potion. For healing serious injuries.

Common Spells

Adventures can start a game with up to three of these spells. Learn more spells as the game progresses.

  • Magic Missiles. A blast of magic energy shoots from your hands.
  • Wave of Thunder. A wave of sound shoots out from you, pushing everyone near you 15’ back and doing damage.
  • Identify Object. You can take Best Roll while trying to determine what an object is and what it does.
  • Sleep. Make one large monster, two medium ones, or four small ones fall asleep.
  • Illusion. You create a small illusory sight or sound that lasts for about a minute.
  • Heal. Heal 2 HP on a creature you can touch.
  • Tangle of Vines. A tangle of vines 15’ wide grows and restrains any creatures in the area.
  • Speak with Nature. Place your hands on an animal, plant, body of water, stone, or other natural element and learn about recent events from it.

Rare Spells

Rare, valuable, and thought to be lost to time, learn these spells as the game progresses. These could take the form of scrolls, or secret knowledge that’s shared by an NPC.

  • Teleport. You can teleport to a different location that you can see.
  • Fireball. Launch a ball of flames. Does 2 HP damage. Can only be used once per battle.
  • Cage. A monster becomes restrained in a magical cage. Nothing can get in or out. The spells ends if you can no longer see the monster.
  • Suggestion. A monster or NPC that can hear you does what you suggest. It cannot harm itself or do anything unreasonable.
  • Animate Objects. Up to 8 tiny objects, 4 small objects, 2 medium objects, or 1 large object come to life. You command them for up to a minute.
  • Flight. A creature you can touch (including yourself) gains the ability to fly for two minutes. If it’s still flying when the spell ends, it falls.
  • Shapeshift. You can transform into an animal. You have all of the physical characteristics of the animal, but your own mind and thoughts. You cannot speak.
  • Weather Weaver. Manipulate the weather to your liking. Weather must be area-appropriate. No snowstorm in a desert, for example.
  • Elemental Storm. A storm of hail, fire, or lightning rains down from the sky, doing damage.
  • Diguise. You can make yourself look and sound like someone else you’ve seen and heard before.
  • Invisible. You can make yourself and anything you carry invisible for one minute.
  • Message. You can send a secret message to someone else with your mind, and they can respond.

Magic Items

Apply these features to any ordinary item to make it a magical. The item could be anything: a weapon, shield, armor, charm, necklace, or talisman.

You can also apply any spell to a magic item.

  • Unstoppable. Once per battle, an attack with/while wearing this item automatically succeeds.
  • Magical Resistance. Once per battle, a defense with/while wearing this item automatically succeeds.
  • Accuracy. Once per battle, do 2 HP damage on a successful attack made with/while wearing this item.
  • Dodge. Take Best Roll on any defensive roll.
  • Quick Foot. Once per battle, you can hit two creatures on a successful attack roll.
  • Lucky. Once per encounter, you can re-roll a die roll while using/wearing this item. You must use whatever the new result is.
  • Teleport. Once per encounter, you can teleport to a different location you can see while using/wearing this item.
  • Time Warp. Once per day, you can change the result of any die roll while using/wearing this item.
  • Recovery. Once per encounter, recover 1 HP of health. while using/wearing this item.
  • Guidance. Once per day, you can take Best Roll on a non-combat die roll.