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Here are some ready-to-play adventures, set in the land of Farfaria.

Write your own adventure? I’d love to add it to this site! Send me an email at

Adventure Ideas

Want to write your own adventure, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some ideas I haven’t gotten around to writing adventures for.

  • A powerful sorcerer's hat is stolen, and the group has to recover it
  • The group discovers an abandoned castle, where everyone is turned to stone
  • A magical gold coin turns everyone who touches it to gold
  • The group wakes up one morning to find the sun has not risen
  • There's a painting of a long hallway in the village tavern. One day at lunch, a girl walks out of the painting as if it's a doorway. She says brother is still trapped in here. They've both been missing for 100 years.
  • Trees start coming to life. Evergreens and leafy trees fight, and threaten to destroy entire forest.
  • You find a map lying on the street, with an X mysteriously marked off in a part of the forest you've never been before.
  • Butterflies blanket the sky... then with a poof of smoke, turn to dragons! Why are they here, and how can we get them to leave?
  • You fall into a bunny hole and discover a hidden world under the village.
  • Elves' magic gems were taken by a giant, and the group must help get them back.
  • Your friend is slowly disappearing (fading and turning transparent). Must find the healer/sorcerer before it’s too late.
  • River adventure with rapids and such, trying to capture a river sprite that’s been causing terrible storms and flooding in the village
  • You're at a party, talking to your friends, when suddenly everyone around freezes in places. The hands on the clock stop moving. A wizard appears, and demands that you delve into the old mines to retrieve a magical artifact for him if you want him to unfreeze time.

Third-Party Adventures

Want even more adventures? You can use the Adventure rule system with other RPGs. Here are some I recommend.

You can also search for “Dungeon World Starters.