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Adventure is currently in version 2. You can view the version 1 rules, downloads, and premade adventures here.

What’s new in version 2?

  • Die rolls use a more conventional Critical Failure to Critical Success sliding scale. There are now difficulty and skill modifiers to die rolls in certain situations.
  • All players now start with five health points instead of three.
  • Combat and damage calculation has new mechanics to make it more engaging and realistic. Defenders can block and dodge attacks, which can also do partial damage.
  • Villains now have three stats: number of attack dice, number of defend dice, and health points.
  • The role of Guide has been renamed Game Master to be more consistent with other RPGs.
  • There’s a more clear path to character progression so that the game stays interesting as it goes on.
  • The downloads section has been cleaned up, and some less useful assets have been removed.
  • There are new hand-drawn maps that include more detail and nuance.