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Downloadable, printable assets you can use to play Adventure. Each download also includes blank templates you can use to make your own.

  • Cheatsheet. A handy reference on encounter and battle die roll rules.
  • Characters. Each premade character comes with a problem-solving ability and graphic. The set also includes blank character cards if your players want to create their own.
  • Equipment, Spells & Items. You can hand these out to players to keep track of the items they find and earn as they play. Store them with their character cards to have equipment, spells, and items carry over from game-to-game.
  • Map. Track your location around Farfaria, and learn more about the various landmarks and creatures that live there.

You can also find a ton of free and inexpensive maps and other printables at 2‑Minute Tabletop.

Character, creature, and item graphics made by Freepik from