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Random Effects

Roll three D6 dice and them together, or roll one D20. Then find the matching number on the table. All effects end after a few rounds of combat, or a few minutes of exploration.

Roll Effect
1 You can only speak by shouting
2 A 10’ round cloud of bubbles appears
3 A flock of chickens appears and runs around
4 Anything you touch catches fire
5 Your hair turns into flowers
6 Lightning strikes up to 3 targets of your choice (1 HP damage each)
7 You glow a color of your choice
8 You grow to twice your current size
9 You shrink to half your current size
10 Teleport to any spot you can see
11 Turn into a bunny, chicken, bear, or bird (GM choice)
12 A wall of ice, vines, stone, or water appears in a spot of your choice
13 A burst of sounds erupts from you, doing 1 HP damage to nearby creatures
14 Everyone within 20’ of you falls down
15 Heal every ally by 1 HP
16 You can climb walls like a spider
17 You can speak with animals
18 You’re invisible, and no one can see or hear you
19 An inanimate object comes to life
20 You float and drift in the air, unable to control where you fly