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Random Effects

Whether you’re using the Chaos Magic house rule or just need a random effect for a potion or herb, this table can help you quickly come up with some ideas.

Roll two D6 dice, or one D20 and flip a coin. Then find the matching numbers on the table (H is heads, T is tails). All effects end after a few rounds of combat, or a few minutes of exploration.

2D6 Effect D20-Coin
1-1 A flock of chickens appears and runs around 1-H
1-2 A 10’ round cloud of bubbles appears 1-T
1-3 You can only speak by shouting 2-H
1-4 Anything you touch catches fire 2-T
1-5 Heal 2 HP every turn 3-H
1-6 Your hair turns into flowers 3-T
2-1 Lightning strikes up to 3 targets of your choice (D6 damage each) 4-H
2-2 You glow a color of your choice 4-T
2-3 You grow to twice your current size 5-H
2-4 You shrink to half your current size 5-T
2-5 Teleport to any spot you can see 6-H
2-6 Turn into a bunny, chicken, bear, or bird (GM choice) 6-T
3-1 Your next attack automatically does max damage 7-H
3-2 The next enemy to attack you automatically succeeds 7-T
3-3 A wall of ice, vines, stone, or water appears in a spot of your choice 8-H
3-4 You grow a beard of feathers that falls off when you sneeze 8-T
3-5 A random DR Medium monster appears nearby 9-H
3-6 A burst of sounds erupts from you, doing D6 damage to nearby creatures 9-T
4-1 You turn into a giant stuffed animal, and cannot move or be hurt except by fire 10-H
4-2 3-5 Carnivorous Plants sprout near you 10-T
4-3 Everyone within 20’ of you falls down 11-H
4-4 The next attack a monster makes against you automatically fails 11-T
4-5 Heal every ally by 5 HP 12-H
4-6 You can climb walls like a spider 12-T
5-1 You can speak with animals 13-H
5-2 You’re invisible, and no one can see or hear you 13-T
5-3 An inanimate object comes to life 14-H
5-4 Your weapon or wand disappears 14-T
5-5 A monster’s weapon or wand disappears 15-H
5-6 You can make an extra attack 15-T
6-1 You turn rainbow colors 16-H
6-2 Your eyebrows grow a foot long, blocking your vision 16-T
6-3 You float and drift in the air, unable to control where you fly 17-H
6-4 You can move super fast 17-T
6-5 You move super slow 18-H
6-6 When you talk, bubbles come out of your mouth instead of words 18-T
Everyone in your party farts, causing any nearby monsters to take D6 acid damage 19-H
You sprout a third eye and two more ears, and automatically succeed on all Perception Checks 19-T
A fireball explodes in a location of your choice, doing 2D6 damage 20-H
Your attacks to an extra D6 damage 20-T