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The Sorcerer's Gem

A mysterious noble offers you a handsome reward to retrieve a legendary gem for him. But he’s not the only one looking for the gem. Can you navigate the many subterranean perils inside the Cave of Mysteries, and make it home safely before trouble finds you?

The Situation

Lord Bertrand Kraghammer doesn’t often leave his regal mansion (or have guests). In fact, no one in town is really sure what he does or what it looks like. So when he reached out and asked you to retrieve the Sorcerer’s Gem for him, you jumped at the opportunity.

Surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves, deep in the Dark Forest, you’re starting to wonder if that was a good idea or not. With a deep, low growl, one of the wolves lunges forward…


  • Does the Sorcerer’s Gem actually exist, or is it just a rumor?
  • What do you know about the Cavern of Mysteries?
  • What does the Gem do, and why does Lord Kraghammer it?
  • What did he offer you in exchange for retrieving it?
  • One of you was approached by someone else, who offered to double whatever Lord Kraghammer is paying you. Which one of you, and who approached you??


The Dark Forest To the East of the town of Farfaria, the Dark Forest is home to creatures of a more primal nature. Goblins. Lizardfolk. Wolves. Werebears. Unfortunately, it’s also where the entrance to the Cavern of Mysteries lies.
  • Creatures & Traps
    • Thieves. They attempt to rob the adventurers of their gold, or the Gem if they’re in possession of it.
    • Elves. They’re also searching for the Sorcerer’s Gem, and want create an alliance.
    • Wolves. They attack in packs, move fast, and have sharp teeth.
    • Treefolk. They can be friends or foes, depending on how the players treat them.
The Cavern of Mysteries A deep, winding cave system with many entrances. It winds under most of Farfaria. Certain parts are completely sealed off by time or haven’t been explored in years. Many an adventurer has entered the caves… and never returned.
  • Creatures & Traps
    • Trap Door. When activated, players fall to a lower level of tunnels.
    • Water Trap. A chamber seals off and floods with water.
    • Troll. He accuses the players of trying to steal his gold.
    • Cave-In. Collapsing rock poses an immediate danger of crushing the players, then traps them in a section of tunnel.
    • Bottomless Pit. The only way forward is over a giant precipice that falls to unknown depths.
    • Poisonous Fog. A low fog fills a section of tunnel… then turns into poison gas.
    • Ice Monster. A chamber of ice creates cold slippery conditions, and contains an Ice Monster
    • Shifting Walls. The walls of the tunnel appear to shift and move. It feels like they’ve been walking in circles.
  • Events
    • Once the gem in their possession, the party gets the feeling they’re being followed.
The Goblin Village Deep in the Dark Forest is a village of goblins. They leave the nearby town alone, but will attack travelers and other woodland creatures.
  • Events
    • The players see goblins attack a traveler and steal everything (including his horse and cart), or the goblins save the players from wolves.
    • At the goblin village, players find lizardfolk being held captive.
    • Lizardfolk turn on the players and attack them.


  • The wolves are controlled by the sorcerer, Fenton Stormcloud, and track the players wherever they go.
  • The elves will double cross the players once they have the Gem in their possession.

Game Master Tips

  • There are a few ways you can sequence certain events in this adventure. I would recommend…
    • Giving the players the sense they’re being followed in the woods.
    • Having the elves approach them to warm them that it’s dangerous, ask them why they’re there, and then ask for an alliance.
    • Have wolves ambush them while talking to the elves. The elves help them fight.
    • Enter the tunnels, find the gem, and so on.
    • Have the elves double cross the players while still in the tunnels.
    • Have the wolves attack again once out, get saved by goblins, who also try to steal the Gem.
    • Find and free the lizardfolk, who then turn on the players.
  • This adventure can be quite long. You might want to break it up over several sessions, or cut out the storylines with the goblins and elves