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The Pixie Dust Tree

A group of fairies needs your help after their pixie dust tree is destroyed by ice.

The Situation

A fairy wakes you from your sleep, begging for your help. She explains that ice from the north froze and killed their pixie dust tree. Without, she and the rest of her village will never fly again.

The Elder Fairy lives deep in the woods. He was around generations before any of us were born. If anyone will no one what to do, he will.

But be warned: he’s very reclusive. He doesn’t take kindly to visitors, so tread lightly.

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  • What do you know about the fairies?
  • How is pixie dust made?
  • Can you create a new pixie dust tree? How?
  • Are these the only fairies? If not, do the other groups know about each other?
  • Are there other trees in existence?
  • Why is the Elder Fairy alone in the woods?
  • [In Game] What do the thieves want with the pixie dust?

In Media Res

If only one of you had noticed the pit trap. The fairies did an amazing job disguising it, a set of loose branches covered in leaves.

Now, you’re in a 20 foot deep pit, the faces of a small group of fairy soldiers staring down at you, arrows at the ready. You tried telling them that the Elder Fairy sent you in search of more pixie dust, but they don’t believe you.

Unexpectedly, a rock flies over one of the fairy’s heads. You hear swords unsheathe, and the sound of gruff voices ordering the fairies to surrender. Bandits!

  • Why did the Elder Fairy send you?
  • What happens if you don’t return with more fairy dust?
  • One of you is hurt? Who?
  • Are you with the bandits, or the fairies?
  • One of you knows one of the bandits. What did they offer you if you double cross the Elder fairy?


  • Elder Fairy Cabin. A small cabin in the the middle of the woods where The Elder Fairy lives. He’s several centuries old, and knows the secret to creating more pixie dust fairy. He may have some supplies to help the adventurers.
  • The Northern Cliffs. The path you’re traveling on ends at a steep wall of rock. There’s evidence that others have scaled it before, but it looks daunting from down on the ground.
  • The Eastern Grove. The mysterious forests of the east are home to another group of fairies that, unlike the ones who approached you, avoid contact with the outside world. They are in possession of a working pixie dust tree.
  • The Sacred Stream. A fast moving river, the waters of the sacred stream having magical properties and can be used for many things. They’re also home to piranha and other dangerous creatures.


  • Rock Slide. A successful Wisdom Check lets players sense a rock slide before it hits them. On failure, a wall of boulders comes sliding down from the mountains.
  • Nets & Pits. A successful Wisdom Check reveals rope nets or pit traps hidden under fallen leaves. On failure, the traps go off, and fairies fly out to greet the captured party.
  • Bandit Bribe. A group of bandits confront the party, and offer them money in exchange for pixie dust.
  • Bandit Ambush. The same group of bandits ambushes the party. A successful Wisdom Check reveals their approach in advance. If they purchased pixie dust, the steal their money back. If they didn’t, they steal the pixie dust.


  • Fairy/Pixie

    2 AD · 3 HP

    Sneaky. Usually doesn't attack outright but sets traps and uses magic to create problems.

  • The Elder Fairy

    3 AD · 5 HP

    Sneaky. Usually doesn't attack outright but sets traps and uses magic to create problems.

  • Piranha

    2 AD · 3 HP

    Attack in swarms. If player is injured, add +2 damage.

  • Bandit

    3 AD · 5 HP

    Mostly interested in money. Can be bribed.

Game Master Tips

  • If you’re unsure where to take this adventure, I like to have the Elder Fairy give players instructions on making a new tree: three grains of blue pixie dust with water from the Sacred Stream. Heat it over a fire for 15 minutes, then dig a hole and pour it into it. A new pixie dust tree will sprout. This sends them to two of the other locations on the map.
  • I like to make the Fairies of the Eastern Grove hesitant to trust or work with the players. They must earn their trust somehow.