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The Pixie Dust Tree

A group of fairies need your help after their pixie dust tree is destroyed by ice.


You’ve been traveling through the forest for several days now, every since the fairy woke you from your sleep, begging for your help.

The Elder Fairy should be close, and hopefully, he’ll know how to replace the dead pixie dust tree. If not, the fairies will never fly again.

You were warned he doesn’t take kindly to visitors. As you ponder just how you’ll convince him to help you, an arrow whizzes by your head and slams into the tree behind you…


  • What do you know about the fairies?
  • How is pixie dust made?
  • What happened to the pixie dust tree?
  • Are there other trees in existence?
  • Who is the Elder Fairy, and why does he live alone in the woods?
  • Who is attacking you, and why?


  • Elder Fairy Cabin. A small cabin in the the middle of the woods where The Elder Fairy lives. At first glance it looks like it’s built into the trees, but it’s actually floating 100’ above the ground. The Elder Fairy is several centuries old, and knows the secret to creating more pixie dust fairy. He may have some supplies to help the adventurers.
  • The Northern Cliffs. The path you’re traveling on ends at a steep wall of rock. There’s evidence that others have scaled it before, but it looks daunting from down on the ground.
  • The Eastern Grove. The mysterious forests of the east are home to another group of fairies that, unlike the ones who approached you, avoid contact with the outside world. They are in possession of a working pixie dust tree.
  • The Sacred Stream. A fast moving river, the waters of the sacred stream having magical properties and can be used for many things. They’re also home to piranha and other dangerous creatures.

Creatures & Traps

  • Rock Slide. A wall of boulders comes sliding down from the mountains.
  • Nets & Pits. Rope nets and pit traps hidden under fallen leaves abound in the fairy-filled sections of the forest. If the traps go off, fairies fly out to greet the captured party. They ferociously guard the forest, and don’t trust strangers.
  • Bandit Bribe. A group of bandits confront the party, and offer them money in exchange for pixie dust.
  • Bandit Ambush. The same group of bandits ambushes the party. A successful Wisdom Check reveals their approach in advance. If they purchased pixie dust, the steal their money back. If they didn’t, they steal the pixie dust.
  • Piranha. The sacred stream is full of them.


  • An old wizard collects magical animals, and destroyed the tree in hopes that the fairies, who protect the creatures of the woods, wouldn’t be able to fly again.
  • Thieves have been offered a very hefty sum of money to locate and destroy any remaining trees.


The Old Wizard
Wants to collect specimens of all the magical creatures in the forest.
  1. Magical creatures start disappearing from the area of the forest where the Pixie Dust Tree was destroyed.
  2. There’s an attack on another group of faeries, and their tree is destroyed or badly damaged.
  3. Magical creatures become endangered as they’re hunted in numbers.
The Thieves
Want to destroy any remaining trees and secure any remaining pixie dust, which they will also sell for a fee.
  1. The adventurers are attacked.
  2. Any remaining pixie dust is stolen.
  3. The last Pixie Dust tree is destroyed.