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The Pixie Dust Tree

A fairy wakes you from your sleep, begging for your help. She explains that ice from the north froze and killed their pixie dust tree. Without, she and the rest of her village will never fly again.

Medium Duration

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Basic Storyline

This story follows a relatively linear storyline. It’s a great choice for beginners.

  1. The adventurers locate the Elder Fairy and go speak with him. He shares the secret to creating a new pixie dust tree… but it requires items from around Farfaria.
  2. The adventurers must decide if they want to go get more pixie dust from the Hunter Fairies first, or get water from the Sacred Stream.
  3. The Hunter Fairies aren’t sure if the adventurers are good or bad and attack them. Players must defend themselves without harming the fairies.
  4. The Sacred Stream is filled with piranhas, and the surrounding woods are dangerous. They need to collect water without getting bit, and avoiding being caught.



  • Pirate - Attack 2 · Defend 1 · HP 3 - Sloppy fighters. Getting hit doesn’t seem to phase them much.
  • Pirate Captain - Attack 4 · Defend 2 · HP 4 - Skilled with a sword. Quick on their feet. Can talk themself out of sticky situations.

Non-Player Characters

  • Fairy - Small and quick, but fragile. Curious and kind, but mischievous.

Tips for the Game Master

  • Depending on the skill level of your players, you may need to suggest that they ask the Elder Fairy where they can find more pixie dust, or have a non-player character step in to guide them to the Hunter Fairies.

Locations & Encounters

About Farfaria

Here's an intro you can use if you need help getting started.

You live in the land of Farfaria, in a tiny little village nestled between a mountain range and a sweeping forest.

Rivers flow down from the mountains, cut through your village, and run through the forest, where they eventually connect with the ocean.

While Farfaria is a small and remote town, you're hardly alone. The woods and mountains are filled with amazing, magical creatures: elves, fairies, centaurs, and wizards. They're filled with dangerous creatures—thieves, giants, and ogres—too. The ocean to the south is home to mermaids, krakens, and other monsters of the deep.

Mysterious and exciting adventures always seem to find their way to your little village, where you and your friends are ready to help...

For added flavor, you can download a printable map of Farfaria.

A fairy wakes you from your sleep, begging for your help. She explains that ice from the north froze and killed their pixie dust tree. Without, she and the rest of her village will never fly again.

The fairy tells you that the Elder Fairy of the northern forest knows how to get a new pixie dust tree. She cannot go with you, as she does not have enough pixie dust to make the journey and is very tired. It’s up to you to find him. She provides you with a compass to help you find your way.

Starting Encounter: Locate the Elder Fairy

1. The Village

a. Locate the Elder Fairy

The Elder Fairy of the northern forest knows the secret to getting a new pixie dust tree, and it’s up to you to find him.

  • Tips: Players might trying using their compass, or rely on their pets to help.
  • Once the players succeed: It wasn’t easy, but you’ve located the Elder Fairy! You head in the direction of his remote woodland cabin.

2. The Woods of the West

a. A Rocky Cliff (optional)

You’re making great progress, when your path suddenly ends in front of a steep, rocky cliff. It’s too high to climb with your bare hands, but it’s also the only way to get where you’re going.

b. The Elder Fairy

As you approach a small cabin in middle of the forest, the Elder Fairy emerges.

You tell him why you’re there, and he wants to help. But first, he needs to make sure you don’t plan to use the fairy dust for your own personal gain.

How can you prove to him that you are truly helping the fairies and not trying to steal the dust for yourself?

  • Once the players succeed: The Elder Fairy provides you with the secret recipe: 3 grains of blue dust, 1 grain of yellow. Heat in a pot, stir, and allow to cool into a seed. Plant in the ground, and pour water from the Sacred Stream to grow a new pixie dust tree.
c. Locate More Pixie Dust

The fairy’s village does not have the special blue dust, only yellow. How will you find more?

  • Ability Check: The players have heard rumors that there’s another tribe of Faires near the mountains in the Eastern Grove. (Roll Modifier: -1)
  • Tips: Players might try using tools like a Magic Map, use tracking skills, or ask for help.
  • Once the players succeed: The players learn that there’s a tribe of Hunter Fairies near the mountains in the Eastern Grove who have more pixie dust.

3. The Eastern Grove

a. The Hunter Fairies

As you approach the border where the forest meets the mountains, you enter the territory of the Hunter Fairies. They have a healthy pixie dust tree, but think you’re dangerous and try to attack you. They’re an important part of the ecosystem, so you don’t want to harm them.

How do you prove that you’re a friend, and protect yourself, without harming them?

  • Difficulty Modifier: -1
  • Once the players succeed: The fairies are overwhelmed by your kindness towards their species. They give a small pouch filled with pixie dust—three blue grains and one yellow. They also warn you that the forest can be dangerous.
b. Pirate Thieves! (optional)

A band of pirates emerges from the dark forest.

They’ve heard that you’re in possession of pixie dust, and want it for themselves. They attack you and try to steal the pixie dust.

  • Ability Check: You hear the rustling of leaves coming from the forest to your left.
  • Tips: Players can stand their ground and fight, or run away to safety
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -1
  • Battle:
    • One or two players: 3 pirates, 1 captain
    • Three to four players: 4 pirates, 1 captain
    • Five or more players: 6 pirates, 1 captain
  • Once the players succeed: Still in possession of your pixie dust, you continue on to your next destination.
  • If the players fail: You slowly recover from the attack as the pirates run off with your supply of pixie dust. Now, you have to choose: chase after them and try to get it back, or return to the village of the Hunter Fairies and beg for more?

4. The Sacred Stream

a. The Sacred Stream

Just beyond the trees, you hear the rushing water of the Sacred Stream. You step out into the light, reach down towards the water excitedly.

But before your hand touches the water, you catch sight of the hungry piranha’s swimming just below the surface and pull your hand back. You cannot kill them, as they’re an important part of the ecosystem. But you can’t reach in to get water or they’ll bite you.

How can you get water from the stream without getting hurt?

  • Difficulty Modifier: -1
  • Once the players succeed: With water from the Sacred Stream safely in hand, you move on quickly. You don’t want to be around the piranha (or in pirate territory) any longer than you have to.


After swinging back to the Village to get your fairy friend, you arrive in Pixie Hollow with the pixie dust and water from the sacred stream.

You prepare the dust, plant the seed, and pour water onto it. The dusty swirls and turns a rainbow of colors. When the dusty settles, a new pixie tree sapling has emerged, and pixie dust is already starting to form on its small leaves.

Over the next few days, it will grow into a mature tree. The fairies are saved!