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The Attack on Oakenshire

You’re enjoying lunch in the tavern with your friends when an elf bursts through the doors, out of breath with flush red cheeks. “There’s been an attack on Oakenshire,” he exclaims, “we’ve been completely overrun with spiders, and they’ve taken Lord Faelyn hostage!”

Short Duration

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Basic Storyline

This adventure follows a linear storyline. It’s a great choice for beginners.

Oakenshire is located in the heart of the Woods of the West.

  1. The adventurers first have to enter Oakenshire. Normally, a ladder would lowered to allow guests in, but since the village is overrun, they’ll need to figure out another way in.
  2. Next, the adventurers battle giant spiders in various locations as they make their way to the throne room where Lord Faelyn is being held.
  3. The adventurers must optionally complete a puzzle to unlock the door to the throne room.
  4. Once in, the adventurers battle the King Spider and several of his subjects to save Lord Faelyn.



  • Giant Spider - Attack 1 · Defend 1 · HP 2 - Climbs walls. Venomous fangs.
  • King Spider - Attack 2 · Defend 2 · HP 4 - Spins webs. Controls other spiders.

Non-Player Characters

  • Common Elf - Fast. Agile. In tune with natural surroundings.

Tips for the Game Master

  • The Enchanted Door encounter is a chance to get your players to participate in an out-of-game challenge. You can skip this for ease or to keep the game shorter if you want.

Locations & Encounters

About Farfaria

Here's an intro you can use if you need help getting started.

You live in the land of Farfaria, in a tiny little village nestled between a mountain range and a sweeping forest.

Rivers flow down from the mountains, cut through your village, and run through the forest, where they eventually connect with the ocean.

While Farfaria is a small and remote town, you're hardly alone. The woods and mountains are filled with amazing, magical creatures: elves, fairies, centaurs, and wizards. They're filled with dangerous creatures—thieves, giants, and ogres—too. The ocean to the south is home to mermaids, krakens, and other monsters of the deep.

Mysterious and exciting adventures always seem to find their way to your little village, where you and your friends are ready to help...

For added flavor, you can download a printable map of Farfaria.

You’re enjoying lunch in the tavern with your friends when an elf bursts through the doors, out of breath with flush red cheeks. “There’s been an attack on Oakenshire,” he exclaims, “we’ve been completely overrun with spiders, and they’ve taken Lord Faelyn hostage!”

Oakenshire is the elves’ treetop home. It contains ancient books and special magic found nowhere else in Farfaria. Its safety is vital to Farfaria. The elves has always had a warm relationship with the people of the Village, and they need your help.

Starting Encounter: Entering Oakenshire

Encounters marked "optional" add additional flavor to the adventure, but can be skipped with without disrupting the main storyline.


a. Entering Oakenshire

A grove of tall, wide oak trees stand before you. Nestled high in the branches above are a series of treetop homes, cottages in the sky. They’re connected by a maze of wooden bridges running from one building to the next.

The elves who live here enter Oakenshire through a hidden entrance at the base of the tree. Unfortunately, it only opens for residents of the treetop village.

Guests of Oakenshire climb a rope ladder up to the main building, but it has to be lowered by someone from above. It currently dangles halfway down, about five feet above your head.

How will you get inside?

  • Tips: Players might use tools (in their possession or from the forest around them) to hook the ladder and pull it down. Their pets can help get them up there, or they can try climbing the tree.
  • Once the players succeed: You stand on the walkway high above the forest floor below, and turn to face the main entrance to Oakeshire. You reach out and grab the ornate wooden handle on the faded red door before you, turn it, and push the door open.
b. The Kitchen

The moment you walk in, you see them: big spiders, the size of a human child. Their powerful, stumpy legs support fat, hairy bodies.

The room has a raise loft in the back with a small kitchen. You see a sink and woodstove against the back wall, a table and some chairs to the right. To your left are a set of stairs leading up to it.

None of the spiders seem to have noticed you yet. What do you do?

  • Tips: Players can fight or flee, but in this case, fighting is encouraged to get players used to the mechanics of the game.
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -1
  • Battle:
    • Up to three players: 3 Spiders
    • Four or more players: 5 Spiders
  • Once the players succeed: The spiders dealt with, you dash through the door on your left.
c. The Bridge

You step out onto a wooden bridge, about 20 feet long, connecting the kitchen to the next building, but stop in your tracks as soon as you glance ahead.

Halfway across, the wooden bridge has collapsed. There’s a five foot long gap between one side and the other. On either side is a 40 feet drop to the ground below.

Above, tall branches sprawl out, one three’s canopy bleeding into the next. A series of smaller branches wind out on either side above and below the bridge.

How will you get to the next building?

  • Tips: Players could try to jump. They get an extra die roll if they use something to tie themselves off so that they don’t fall to the ground. They could also try climbing on the branches above or below to get across. They can also try using the kitchen table from the building they just left to span the gap.
  • Once the players succeed: Safely across, you charge ahead and open the door to the next building.
d. The Library

As soon as you walk into a room, the smell of old books hits your nostrils. Lining each wall are long, tall bookcases filled floor to ceiling with books. In the middle of the room is a simple room-length wooden table, with a long benches on each side.

You’ve entered the elven library. These tomes contains ancient wisdom about the forests of Farfaria, passed down from one generation to next over the millennia. The knowledge contained here is irreplaceable.

Spiders are standing on their back legs, rifling through the collection with their hairy fangs. The door to the next building is on the otherside of the room.

What do you do?

  • Tips: The Game Master should encourage players to fight the spiders before they destroy the irreplaceable books in this room.
  • Battle:
    • One or two players: 4 Spiders
    • Three or four players: 5 Spiders
    • Five or more players: 6 Spiders
  • Once the players succeed: With another building of spiders taken care of and Lord Faelyn still held hostage, you waste no time and rush through the next door.
e. The Lab

You take a moment to catch your breath as look around and realize this building is, for now at least, free of spiders.

Against the back wall is a standing-height table covered in books, beakers, and magical artifacts. You’re in the elves lab. Before moving on, you decide to look around and see if there’s anything you can use to help you rid Oakenshire of the spiders.

  • Tips: This is a good opportunity to let players heal any lost health points. You can also let them discover healing potions, spells and other items they can use going forward.
f. Sleeping Quarters

As you step into the next room, you see rows of bunk beds lining the walls. At the foot of each bed are ornate chests that hold each elf’s clothes and other belongings.

Spiders have several open and are rifling through their contents. Several spiders are perched on top of beds, standing guard. They look directly at you as the door opens.

  • Tips: The spiders should flee before the players beat them. This sets up the next encounter’s story arch.
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -2
  • Battle:
    • One or two players: 5 Spiders
    • Three or four players: 6 Spiders
    • Five or more players: 7 Spiders
  • Once the players succeed: Before you defeat them, the spiders hiss to each other in a squeaky arachnid language: "Ruuunnn. Protect the maasssterrrr." They climb the walls and squeeze their furry bodies through the tiny, round windows. You hear the pitter-patter of a few dozen legs as they scurry across the roof to the building next door.
g. The Enchanted Door (optional)

The building ahead of you is bigger than the rest, and slightly higher up. The walkway is angled up towards the ornately decorated door, painted in beautiful hues of green and purple.

As you approach the door, you notice that it has no handle. Carved above the frame in elven script are the words, “Only the worthy shall gain entrance.”

Behind the door, you hear Lord Faelyn shout for help.

How do you get in?

  • Tips: If you choose to run this encounter, you might give your players a puzzle from around your house, or have them complete an out-of-game challenge of some sort, instead of rolling dice.
  • Difficulty Modifier: -1
  • Once the players succeed: Beautiful golden lettering appears on the door, spelling out the word, "Welcome." The door clicks and swings inward.
h. The Throne Room

You’ve entered the Throne Room. To the right is a sturdy desk, covered in crystals, potions, and a hardcover book. To the left is another tall bookcase filled with sacred texts.

Directly ahead of you the biggest spider you’ve ever seen. He’s the size of a full-grown adult, fatter and hairier than the rest of them. A crown of webbing sits atop his head. The spiders that fled the sleeping quarters on either side of him.

Behind him sits Lord Faelyn, wrapped in a spider web and tied to his throne.

  • Tips: Players can and should use objects in the room to help them for this epic showdown.
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -3
  • Battle:
    • One or two players: 1 Spider King, 3 Spiders
    • Three or four players: 1 Spider King, 4 Spiders
    • Five or more players: 1 Spider King, 5 Spiders
  • Once the players succeed: The spiders vanquished, you rush to the back of the room and cut Lord Faelyn free. Finally, it’s over.


Back down on the ground, Lord Faelyn is surrounded by a circle of elves, bows in their hands.

He begins, “Without you, the spiders would have destroyed thousands of years of knowledge. I’m not sure what would have happened to me if you hadn’t gotten there when you did. I cannot thank you enough.”

The elves light the tips of their arrows, point their bows to the sky, and unleash a volley. High above the treetops, the arrows explode in a beautiful display of fireworks.