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Mermaid Rescue

Down in Farfaria Harbor, a bottle pops up from the depths. There’s note rolled up inside, and a cork firmly pushed into the top. You fish the bottle from the Harbor, open it up, and read the note. A mermaid has been kidnapped!

Very Long Duration

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Basic Storyline

This is a complicated, linear storyline with three separate acts containing multiple main encounters. There’s also a lot more room for world exploration and bonus encounters than some of the other adventures.

  1. After learning about the mermaid’s disappearance, adventurers must locate the sorcerer who took her. They’ll eventually find him in the Castle of the North.
  2. After searching (and exploring) the castle, adventurers will locate the the sorcerer at the top of the East Tower. They attempt to fight him, but he escapes before the fight ends.
  3. Following cries for help, the go down to the dungeon. After locating the mermaid, she tells them that they must retrieve a magic key to break the enchantment on her prison door. She sends them to the dwarven mines in the Woods of the West.
  4. The dwarf that greets the adventurers tells them that in order to a forge a magic key, he needs the Torch of Hallows, which was hidden deep in the Cave of Monsters. They go in search of it.
  5. After battling the challenges of the cave and retrieving the torch, the dwarf forges the players a key, and they free the mermaid.
  6. The mermaid informs the adventurers that the sorcerer stole her magical shell, and will use it to unleash an army of sea creatures on Farfaria. She believes he’s hiding in the Northern Mountains.
  7. After navigating the mountains and battling various creatures that live there, the adventurers have a final battle with the sorcerer in his mountain hideout.



  • Giant Spider - Attack 1 · Defend 1 · HP 2 - Climbs walls. Venomous fangs.
  • Enchanted Broom - Attack 1 · Defend 1 · HP 1 - Surge as a group.
  • Ogre - Attack 3 · Defend 2 · HP 4 - Big and dumb. Has a large wooden club.
  • Yeti - Attack 3 · Defend 2 · HP 3 - Tall and strong. More afraid than angry.
  • Hydra - Attack 3 · Defend 3 · HP 3 - Tough, armor-like scales. Has multi-attack.
  • Wolf - Attack 2 · Defend 1 · HP 2 - Powerful bite and lunge attack. Hunts in packs.
  • Giant Crab - Attack 3 · Defend 2 · HP 4 - Surprisingly quick. Bad eyesight. Can attack two targets at once.
  • Goblin - Attack 1 · Defend 1 · HP 2 - Small and weak. Attack in hordes.
  • Goblin Warrior - Attack 2 · Defend 1 · HP 3 - Skilled with javelins and other projectiles.
  • Cyclops - Attack 3 · Defend 2 · HP 4 - Can’t see long distances. Easily snuck-up on.
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice - Attack 2 · Defend 2 · HP 3
  • Sorcerer - Attack 4 · Defend 3 · HP 6 - Powerful creatures. Some use their powers for the greater good, others for personal gain.

Non-Player Characters

  • Old Man by the Sea - Actually a merfolk wizard. Transforms into an old man.
  • Mermaid - Can talk to sea creature.
  • Knight - Skilled with a sword. Brave and just.
  • Townspeople - Farmers, bakers, and artisans.
  • Centaur - Skilled fighter. Runs very fast.

Tips for the Game Master

  • The old man by the sea is actually a merfolk wizard who will reward adventurers with a special gift if they go on his side-adventure and retrieve the magical hook. Don’t reveal this until the end.
  • If adventurers don’t immediately know where to look for the sorcerer and begin wandering Farfaria looking for him, the optional encounters Centaurs and Spiders, Drops of Silver, and Elves of the Eastern Grove all provide opportunities to be guided to the Castle of the North by non-player characters.
  • In the Castle of the North, adventurers can steal/borrow, buy, or trade for food and supplies. You may or may not want to have them get caught if they steal something and have to evade capture.
  • During the adventurers’ first encounter with the Sorcerer, in the Castle of the North, the sorcerer should always get away. He’s not intended to get caught yet.
  • While story can carry on if adventurers skip the East Tower, the Sorcerer’s escape creates a heightened sense of struggle and tension for the final battle.
  • For battles involving numerous creatures, you can hold back some of the enemies and have them arrive as reinforcements after the initial wave is defeated, or you can send them in all at once to dial up the intensity.
  • The tunnel system map contains some tunnels blocked by fallen rocks that lead to other parts of the tunnel system. They can be used in other adventures (where the rocks may or may not be cleared).
  • Many of the maps have lots of side rooms and areas of exploration. You may wish to cover up the parts behind doors until after adventurers open them, revealing the world much in the same way adventurers would experience it in real life.

Locations & Encounters

About Farfaria

Here's an intro you can use if you need help getting started.

You live in the land of Farfaria, in a tiny little village nestled between a mountain range and a sweeping forest.

Rivers flow down from the mountains, cut through your village, and run through the forest, where they eventually connect with the ocean.

While Farfaria is a small and remote town, you're hardly alone. The woods and mountains are filled with amazing, magical creatures: elves, fairies, centaurs, and wizards. They're filled with dangerous creatures—thieves, giants, and ogres—too. The ocean to the south is home to mermaids, krakens, and other monsters of the deep.

Mysterious and exciting adventures always seem to find their way to your little village, where you and your friends are ready to help...

For added flavor, you can download a printable map of Farfaria.

Down in Farfaria Harbor, a bottle pops up from the depths. There’s note rolled up inside, and a cork firmly pushed into the top. You fish the bottle from the Harbor, open it up, and read the note. A mermaid has been kidnapped!

The note is from Triton, king of the mermaids. “My daughter has been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. If she’s not rescued, the entire land of Farfaria is in grave danger.”

“What’s the danger,” you wonder, “and where did the sorcerer take her?” It’s up to you to rescue her.

Starting Encounter: Locate the Sorcerer

1. Farfaria Harbor

a. Locate the Sorcerer

You take a deep breath of ocean air, sigh, and look around. The village fisherman are already out to sea. An old man with a hat and a scraggly beard is leaning against the boathouse, staring off into the distance.

Farfaria is large. The sorcerer and mermaid could be anywhere. How can you locate them?

  • Tips: Players might use magical tools to find him. They could also ask the old man. Or, they could explore the region looking for him.
b. The Old Man by the Sea (optional)

You approach the old man, who turns and looks at you with glass-blue eyes. “What can I do for you,” he asks.

You tell him what the message in the bottle said, and ask if he’s seen anything. He replies, “I did, but will cost you.” “How much,” you ask?

“A simple favor,” he replies. “Along your travels, you may happen upon a giant crab. He hoards jewels and items of immense value. Among his collection is a magical hook. Retrieve it for me and bring it here. But beware, for he’s very dangerous.”

Do you agree to his terms?

  • Tips: No die roll is needed for this encounter. Players either agree to his terms, or they don’t.
  • Once the players succeed: The old man thanks you, and tells you that he saw the sorcerer head north with the mermaid, towards the Castle of the North. The castle looks small off in the distance. With no time to waste, you head north!
  • If the players fail: You thank the old man for his time, and decide to try another approach.

2. The Woods of the West

a. Centaurs and Spiders (optional)

A centaur gallops by, an urgent look on his face. “Is everything ok,” you ask. “Not at all,” he exclaims. “Our home has been overrun with giant spiders. Can you help?”

You look a short distance ahead and see about a dozen centaurs running away from their tent village, fearful looks on their faces.

  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -1
  • Battle:
    • Up to three adventurers: 4 Giant Spiders
    • Four or more adventurers: 6 Giant Spiders
  • Once the players succeed: With the spiders gone, the centaurs return to their homes. The centaur you first spoke with trots over, shakes your hand, and thanks you sincerely.

    As a token of appreciation, he offers you a gift (the Game Master should choose a reward). You thank him and happily accept it.

    [If adventurers are not yet aware of the Castle of the North] The centaur asks where you’ll go next. You explain that you’re looking for a sorcerer and the kidnapped mermaid. His eyes beam, and he explains that he saw them pass through earlier that day, headed towards the Castle of the North.

3. The Eastern Grove

a. Drops of Silver (optional)

As you make your way through the forest, you see drops of silver in the grass and leaves beneath your feet. They lead slightly off the path, between a small crop of trees.

Do you follow them, or continue on?

  • Ability Check: You notice drops of silver liquid in the grass.
  • Once the players succeed: You follow the drops for a few minutes before coming to a small opening in the forest. You look up and let out a small gasp. Just ahead is a beautiful unicorn, one hoof stuck in a trap.
b. The Unicorn Trap (optional)

You rush over to the unicorn and reassuringly pet his mane. “We’ll get you out of here,” you promise.

You look at the trap more closely. It’s a chain attached to a stake, with a simple lock at the unicorns ankle.

  • Once the players succeed: The trap springs open. The unicorn puts weight on his leg and, after checking that he’s not hurt, thanks you profusely.

    [If adventurers are not yet aware of the Castle of the North] The unicorn asks where you were headed. You explain that you’re looking for a sorcerer and the kidnapped mermaid. His eyes beam, and he explains that he saw them pass through earlier that day, headed towards the Castle of the North.
c. Elves of the Eastern Grove (optional)

Your path brings you through Elf territory. While friendly, they’re cautious about who’s in their forest, and why.

An Elvish Guard stands on the path ahead, spear in hand. She instructs you to stop, and asks why you’re passing through the forest. You tell her where you’re headed, and are permitted to pass.

“But before you go on,” she adds, “we have something that may be helpful on your journey. We only share it with those considered worthy enough, however. Would you be interested in completing a challenge?”

  • Tips: If the adventurers say yes, provide them with a puzzle or brain teaser from outside of the game to complete.
  • Once the players succeed: [If adventurers are not yet aware of the Castle of the North] The Elvish Guard tells you that she saw the sorcerer and mermaid that you seek pass through the woods earlier that day, headed towards the Castle of the North.

    *[If the adventurers already know or have already gone]*You’ve proven yourselves worth. I’m happy to present you with a gift that will aid you on your journey (the Game Master should chose an item of value to the group).
  • If the players fail: Unable to complete the task, the Elvish Guard wishes you luck and sends you on your way.

4. The Castle of the North

a. Entering the Castle of the North

The giant Castle of the North towers above you. Thankfully, the drawbridge is down. You cross it, and enter the castle courtyard. Knights and townspeople scurry about, busy with the day’s tasks.

There are two doors on either side of the courtyard. In the back left and back right corners are two tall, spiraling towers that provide visibility and protection against the threats of the Northern Mountains. In the middle of the courtyard is a cart, a traveling shop run by a woman selling exotic objects and magical spells.

  • Ability Check: You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something feels off about the castle and the people in it. Everyone has a slightly dazed look in their eye.
  • Tips: Players can try to talk to the people in the castle, or explore some of the rooms.
b. Room 1

You walk through the door into the first room on the right. There’s a table and chairs, and some maps on the wall. Clearly, this is a meeting space of some sort. To the left is a narrow hallway that leads to another room. The space is otherwise empty.

  • Ability Check: Red markings on one of the maps catches your eye. You notice that Farfari Harbor has a circle around it. Two words are scribbled next to it: East Tower. (Roll Modifier: -1)
  • Tips: The Game Master might choose to let adventurers discover useful items in the room.
c. Room 2

The room appears to be a supply closet. There are some brooms and mops leaning against the wall in one corner, and a handful of buckets in another. A sink with water is against the wall between them.

Beyond the door back into the main courtyard and the hallway to the first room, there’s another small door on the left. It’s smaller, lower, and appears heavy. You feel a cold draft coming from beneath it.

Suddenly, the brooms stand upright and start marching towards the adventurers. Bits of their handles split off into tiny arms, which they use to pick up buckets. They attack the adventurers, swinging buckets of dirty water at them.

  • Tips: The small drafty door in this room leads down to the dungeon, where they’ll discover the mermaid. It’s OK if they don’t find this until later in the story.
  • Battle:
    • Up to three adventurers: 3 Brooms
    • Four or more adventurers: 5 Brooms
  • Once the players succeed: The magical brooms successfully dealt with you, you look around and decide where to go next.
  • If the players fail: Unable to stop the brooms, you retreat to another space.
d. Room 3

As you walk in the door, you look around and see nothing but food. The whole is stacked floor to ceiling with bread, cured meats, and dried fruits.

  • Tips: Players may choose to take some food for their journey.
e. Room 4

As soon as the door opens, you hear the clinking of coins. Against he back wall is a table. Seated at it is a tiny goblin, with tall pointed ears and a hunch in his back, counting a massive pile of gold coins and noting them in a small journal. On either side are tall shelves stacked high with coins, jewels, and other objects of value.

  • Tips: Players may choose to steal something, barter/sell items they already possess, or simply leave.
f. The Shop Cart

You approach the shop owner, who waves her hands over her numerous wares with a flourish. “See anything of interest,” she asks?

  • Tips: Players may choose to buy something, or trade for an item they already have.

5. The West Tower

a. An Empty Tower

You enter the tower, a narrow, three-story spire with a window on the top floor. You quickly search all three floors, and, aside from a few chairs and a desk, find it completely abandoned.

  • Tips: The Game Master may choose to scatter some useful items around the space. A map has been provided to allow for exploration if desired.

6. The East Tower

a. The First Floor

The moment you enter the tower, you sense that something is amiss. A dark, magical aura fills the first floor. You start to head for the stairs when something in your gut tells you that danger is near. You step back just a trap door at the base of the stairs swings open, dropping to a deep, dark pit.

The room is filled with traps.

  • Tips: Players should use their skills and items to try to navigate the traps
  • Difficulty Modifier: -1
  • Once the players succeed: You successfully avoid the traps, and make your way up the stairs.
  • If the players fail: After an arrow hidden in the wall whizzes by overhead, you decide to come back later. You step back into the courtyard.
b. The Second Floor

You barely get your head into the room when a giant wooden club slams into the stone wall overhead. A chair and a pile of rocks lie against the far wall. The stairs leading to the next floor are just ten feet away.

And an angry ogre is standing to one side of the stair case, staring at with angry eyes and foul breath.

  • Battle:
    • An Ogre
  • Once the players succeed: The ogre dealt with/avoided (for now), you dash up the stairs towards the third floor.
  • If the players fail: You retreat back down to the first floor, and consider your options.
c. The Third Floor

As you rush up the stairs, you immediately see him: the sorcerer. There’s a desk pressed against the wall, directly underneath a window, and a few magical trinkets around the room. The mermaid is nowhere to be seen.

The sorcerer raises his wand and fires a spell in your direction.

  • Tips: The adventurers never catch the sorcerer at this point. He disappears regardless of the action they take. If they fight him, he disappears mid-battle. After this encounter, encourage adventurers to head to the dungeon.
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -3
  • Battle:
    • The Sorcerer
  • Once the players succeed: Suddenly, a puff of a smoke fills the room. When it clears, the sorcerer is gone. You were so close!

    You’re unsure what to do next… until you hear a faint yell coming from the bottom of the stairs. You rush to the first floor, following the sound. That’s when you see it: a small door on the side of the stairs that hadn’t noticed before.

7. The Dungeon

a. The Door to the Dungeon

You open the door and peer into it. A narrow winding staircase leads down. You feel a damp, cold breeze blowing. The yelling gets louder. “Help! Help!”

  • Tips: The Game Master should encourage the adventurers to head down the stairs.
b. Into the Dungeon

You make your way down a winding staircase and emerge inside a cold, gloomy, dank dungeon. To your right are a pair of keys, hanging from the wall. Straight ahead is a locked door. To your right, another one. Far to the left is a small staircase. The yells for help are echoing off the walls, making it hard to tell where they’re coming from.

  • Tips: Players may choose to unlock one of the doors, head down the small staircase, or retreat back upstairs
c. Door 1

The door is unlocked. You open it, and find a centaur, a chain tied around this leg. “Please help me,” he says. You can still hear the cries for help. It wasn’t him.

  • Tips: Players might try to break the lock, or use one of the keys to unlock it.
  • Once the players succeed: The centaur, bows, grateful for your help. He reaches into a satchel tied around his waist, and hands you a gift of thanks. He also warns you that not every creature trapped down here is friendly.
d. Door 2

You open the door, and a yeti immediately charges towards you.

  • Tips: Players can try to slam the door shut before the yeti gets out instead of fighting him, if they want.
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -2
  • Battle:
    • Yeti
  • Once the players succeed: Now that you’ve handled the yet, you can get back to locating the source of the cries for help.
e. The Sunken Room

You head down the short staircase. At the bottom, you find another door. This one has a lock on the front, and bars allowing you to see in. Inside the room is the mermaid, the source of the cries for help.

You explain that you’ve been looking for her, and that you’re here to get her out. “Thank you!” she exclaims. “But… this door is protected by a powerful enchantment, and only a magic key can unlock it. The dwarves who work the mines of the Western Woods know how to forge one.”

What do you say to the mermaid?

  • Once the players succeed: You promise the mermaid you’ll return with the magic key. Then you turn, and head back up the stairs. Time to visit the mines.

8. The Mines

In the tunnel, adventurers will approach various forks. Let them choose which way to go.

a. The Dwarf Miners

After a short journey, you arrive at the mines. A dwarf steps out to greet you, wearing a traditional red hat and long gray beard. He’s gruff and direct, but not mean. “Why are you hear?” he asks.

You explain that you could use his help forging a magic key to free a mermaid that the sorcerer has trapped in the dungeon.

“I’d be happy to help,” he explains, sounding very much not happy, “but a key of that nature can only be forged with fire from the Torch of Hallows…” Gesturing towards a smaller cave entrance off the left, he continues, “And that was stolen and hidden in the depths of the Cave of Monsters. I can only forget the key if you’re brave enough to retrieve it.”

  • Once the players succeed: Reluctantly, you head over to the cave entrance, and take your first step inside.
b. The Ledge

About 20 feet into the tunnel, you hit your first obstacle: a ledge.

It’s about 12 feet high, with a rough face. Plenty of places to tuck hands and feet if you wanted to try to climb it. But if you fall, you could get hurt.

  • Tips: Every player must complete this challenge individually.
  • Once the players succeed: With the entire group over the ledge, you continue down the tunnel.
c. The Hydra

You enter a dark, cavernous space. It’s about 30 feet wide and 20 feet high. A pile of fallen rocks sits against the wall to one side. Stalactites hang from the ceiling, and a stalagmites grow from the ground. You hear the drip of water.

Then you hear a low grow.

You look up to see three tiny flames glowing inside three bigger mouths on the faces of a three-headed hydra, who’s clearly unhappy you’re here.

  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -1
  • Battle:
    • The Hydra
  • Once the players succeed: The hydra no longer a threat, you continue down the tunnel path.
d. The Cliff

You stop suddenly, put your arm out, and tell the rest of the group to back up slowly.

You’ve just come across a deep crevice plunging into the darkness. It’s about ten feet from one side to the other, and there’s a small ledge about five feet down on the far side.

  • Tips: Each player must complete this challenge individually. Resourceful adventurers might consider heading back out to the forest to get a fallen branch to use as a bridge.
  • Difficulty Modifier: -1
  • Once the players succeed: With the whole team successfully across, you continue on your way.
e. Wolves

Suddenly, you hear howling from the tunnel to your left. Wolves!

  • Battle:
    • One or two adventurers: 3 wolves
    • Three or four adventurers: 5 wolves
    • Five or more adventurers: 7 wolves
  • Once the players succeed: Not wanting to stick around, you take off at a run down the tunnel.
f. Underwater

You come to a murky pool of water. It looks to be about 15 feet deep. Directly ahead of you is a solid wall of rock.

  • Ability Check: Staring into the gloom, you notice what appears to be a small opening at the bottom of the pool, along the far wall. You don’t know what’s on the other side.
  • Tips: Players should try to get through the tunnel at the bottom. All adventurers must complete this challenge individually. To heighten tension, if some adventurers have made it and others have not yet, you can act as if the successful adventurers don’t know what happened to the rest of their group.
  • Difficulty Modifier: -2
  • Once the players succeed: You’re soaking wet and out of breath, but you made it. You keep walking into the darkness.
g. The Giant Crab

You enter another cavernous room. Bioluminescent algae casts a blue/green glow into the space, which reflects off the giant rock in the middle of the room. Towards the back of the cavern are gold coins, jewels, and what appear to be magical artifacts.

(For adventurers who opted into the Old Man of the Sea’s quest, among those artifacts is a magical hook.)

Suddenly, the giant rock in the middle of the room shakes and rises. You see spindly protrusions emerge from underneath it, and it turns around. Two dotted eyes start at you. That’s when you notice the giant claws hanging off the front of this monster. It’s a giant crab!

  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -2
  • Battle:
    • A Giant Crab
  • Once the players succeed: With the terrifying crab out of the way, you race out of the room and down the next tunnel. (If applicable, don’t forget to grab the hook.)
h. The Torch of Hallows

You see the glowing flame reflecting off the wall before you even enter the room. As you step into the space, you see it: the Torch of Hallows.

  • Tips: There’s no die roll for this encounter. One adventurers find it, they can leave.
  • Once the players succeed: Now that you have the torch, there’s only one thing left to do: get back out!
i. Another Entrance

A short distance ahead, you see an unmistakable sight: daylight. This isn’t the way you entered the cave, but going back the way you came means facing monsters anew.

  • Tips: There’s no die roll for this encounter. Players either leave this way or head back into the cave.
  • Once the players succeed: You instinctively squint your eyes as you emerge from the dark cave into the brilliant daylight. A quick look around confirms what you suspected: you’re nowhere near where you started. You can see the Northern Mountains off in the distance. You’re near the bottom of the Woods of the West. Time to head North!
j. Forging of the Key

The sight of the gruff dwarf’s face is a welcome one. He doesn’t look happy to see you (or the Torch) exactly, but it’s the closest you’ve seen him come to a smile since you arrived.

You hand him the torch.

  • Tips: There’s no die roll for this encounter. Players deliver the Torch of Hallows to the dwarf, who forges their key.
  • Once the players succeed: The dwarf thanks you, and explains that the Torch has a long history with his people, and was stolen several years ago (but that’s another tale for another time). He forges you a magical key, and wishes you luck on the rest of your journey.

9. Back to the Dungeon

a. Freeing the Mermaid

You insert the magical key into the lock, and wave a green washes over the door, blasting outward and knock you all to the floor.

You stand up, dust yourself off, and look around. The key has disappeared, and the door has swung open. You rush over to the mermaid. She’s uninjured, and glad to be free. She thanks you profusely for your help.

She tells you that she actually walked here. She possesses a magical shell that allows her to walk on land as a human.

The sorcerer stole it, and plans to use it to summon an aquatic army and take over the kingdom. She begs you to get it back. “The fate of Farfaria depends on it.”

  • Once the players succeed: The mermaid overheard the sorcerer talking with someone about a hideout in the Northern Mountains.

10. The Mountain Pass

a. The Entrance to the Pass

On either side of you are tall mountain peaks, topped in snow. Directly ahead is a narrow, winding path into the mountains. You head in.

b. Goblin Attack

As you round the first bend in the pass, a flaming arrow lands in the dirt near your feet. Goblins!

  • Battle:
    • One or two adventurers: 3 Goblins
    • Three or four adventurers: 2 Goblins, 2 Goblin Warrior
    • Five or more adventurers: 3 Goblins, 3 Goblin Warriors
  • Once the players succeed: The goblins no longer a threat, you continue down the mountain pass
c. Cyclops

You see the end of the pass just ahead. Suddenly, a giant boulder flies overhead, crashing into the rocks behind you and shattering into pieces. Through the trees you spot him: a cyclops. He’s not happy.

  • Tips: If adventurers fled the goblins, they may find themselves stuck between them and the cyclops. Savvy adventurers can use the cyclops’ single eye to their advantage.
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -2
  • Battle:
    • Up to three adventurers: 1 Cyclops
    • Four or more adventurers: 2 Cyclops
  • Once the players succeed: You run out of the mountain pass, hoping you never have to face a cyclops again. Ahead is a lush valley nestled between mountain peaks, divided by a wide, turbulent river. Ahead, you seen the crumbling ruins of a former outpost.

11. The Hideout

a. The Bridge

You approach the former outpost. “Could this be where the sorcerer is hiding out,” you wonder to yourself? “Only one way to find out!”

You look down, and notice that the bridge is in a horrible state of disrepair.

Many of the wooden planks are rotted. You’re not sure they’ll hold your weight. Others are missing entirely. The entire structure is listing to the right, victim to erosion and the forces of nature.

  • Tips: In addition to the tools and skills they already have, the surrounding area has many resources they can use to help them cross the river.
  • Difficulty Modifier: -1
  • Once the players succeed: Safely across (barely), you head into the crumbling ruins of the outpost.
b. The Apprentices

You step through the collapsed entryway and glance around. The room smells of wet earth and decay.

Directly ahead of you is what’s left of a stone wall. To the left, another half-collapsed wall. In the back corner is what was perhaps a closet or supply room.

From behind the wall in front of you, a sorcerer’s apprentice steps out and launches a fireball in your direction.

  • Ability Check: In the shadows, you detect movement out the corner of your eye.
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -3
  • Battle:
    • Up to three adventurers: 3 Apprentices
    • Four or more adventurers: 6 Apprentices
  • Once the players succeed: The room secured, you notice a door you hadn’t seen before. Thick vegetation grew down from what was left of the rotting ceiling, blocking most of it from view. You look at the hinges, and notice fresh metal underneath, where the grime was scraped off from someone opening the door.
c. Behind the Door

Ready for anything, you open the door. The room is big. There’s a table and chairs to one side. On the other, the sorcerer. Behind him is a chest, the lid closed. He draws his wand.

  • Tips: The only option for this challenge is to battle. The sorcerer disappears after being defeated. It’s unclear if he’s gone gone or just vanished to return in a future adventure.
  • Difficulty Modifier (if the players choose to avoid fighting): -3
  • Battle:
    • The Sorcerer
  • Once the players succeed: As the final strike finds its target, the sorcerer’s robes collapse to the floor in a pile. You run over and push them aside. He’s gone. You rush over to the chest and open it. Inside is a gorgeous shell, a swirling mix of turquoise and coral-pink. You did it!


When you arrive at the harbor, Triton is at the surface, sitting on the back of a narwhal. The mermaid is with him. You walk to the edge of the dock and hand him the shell.

“Thank you,” he begins, “for returning my daughter, and the Shell of Atlantis. You’ve spared Farfaria a terrible fate at the hands of the sorcerer. I cannot thank you enough.”

If adventurers opted into the Old Man of the Sea’s side-adventure: The old man has been sitting silently at the end of the dock. With barely a splash, he slides into the water.

You gasp and run over. He pops back up but a moment later, transformed. His skin is greenish-blue, his beard a beautiful lavender, his eyes, still glass-blue, but alert and piercing.

“As you may have guessed,” he said, “I’m a merfolk wizard. Were you able to retrieve the magical hook?”

  • If the adventurers were successful: “Thank you! We had believed this lost for good.”
  • If not: “You certainly had more important things to focus on. Perhaps another quest for another day.”

Note: The Game Master should choose appropriately awesome rewards for completing these adventures.