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Lacey the Luck Dragon

The dragon who protects your village has lost her babies. She needs your help to get them back.


Lacey the Luck Dragon protects the forest and village from invaders. While out looking for food, her five baby dragons wandered off, and she can’t find them. The babies just learned to fly, and aren’t very good at it. She’s worried sick.

For the last few hours, you’ve been deep in the forest searching for them.

The one you’ve found so far is currently gnawing on a piece of scrap leather. You’re on the lookout for signs of the other four. But you also keep hearing the snapping of branches in the distance, and could swear you’ve seen a hooded figure disappear behind the trees on more than one occasion.

Look! Listen! Smoke and the cries of a baby dragon in the distance!


  • What do you know about baby dragons?
  • Where are they’re likely to have gone to or that could be especially dangerous?
  • What kinds of dangers does Lacey the Luck Dragon protect the village from?
  • You suspect you’re being followed. By who, and why?
  • Someone wants to find the dragons first. Who, and why?


  • The Great Wood Forest. Tall, ancient trees, tangled with vines. Magical, sentient fungi the size of a full grown person. Treefolk, leery of any outsiders wandering in the forest.
  • The Spider Den. Hidden among the foliage is a massive trapdoor spider den. A giant spider the size of a rhino or elephant, with thick, hairy legs. Several cocoons near the back of the nest, at least one of them wiggling.
  • The Dropoff. A bottomless gorge, about 35’ wide, that separates two sections of mountain pass. There’s a few small ledges about 20’ down on either side, and endless darkness. On the far side of the gorge is a raised bridge, used the cross from the other side.
  • The Outpost. Nestled deep in the woods is a small outpost and supply shop. The wares are coated in dust, and the building is in disrepair. An old shopkeep tends to store, but it doesn’t look like it sees enough traffic to stay in business. Something feels… off.
  • Cave of the Sleeping Ogre. A cave system is home to a giant ogre and his cavern home. He happens to be asleep at the moment, but a giant pile of gold lies behind him. Large stalagmites rise from the ground. You hear the dripping of water off in the darkness beyond.

Creatures & Traps

  • Thieves or Cultists. They want a baby dragon for themselves. They’ll initially try to bribe the party. If unsuccessful, they’ll secretly follow them and ambush them later.
  • Treefolk & Living Vines. Protectors of the forest, they don’t take kindly to intruders. Can be persuaded to aid the party if handled right.
  • Bears or Wolves. The party might stumble into a bear cave, a lost cub, or a pack of hungry wolves.
  • Fairies or Sprites. They protect mythical creatures like dragons. They can aid the party, or attack them if they fear their intentions.
  • Giant Spider. Can climb walls, shoot webs, and has a poisonous bite.
  • Spiderlings. Attack in swarms. Can make web netting but aren’t very strong.
  • Ogre. If woken up, he’ll immediately think the party is trying to steal his gold. He’s not very smart, and defaults to smashing things with his club.
  • Goblins. A group of goblins located in the mountains overlooking the village are held at bay by Lacey the Luck Dragon’s protection. While she’s distracted by her missing babies, they’ll seize the opportunity and attack the village.
  • Web Traps. Web traps can fall from the ceiling, cover dark openings, or be hidden under false floors. Very hard to get out of without help.
  • Rock slide. Could be natural, or set off by goblins.


  • One of the cocoons in the den is actually a sack of spiderling eggs.
  • Goblins live near the cliffs, and will come to investigate if the party is noisy or takes too long.
  • The shop keep is desperate for money and wants a sizable sum of money that’s been offered for a baby dragon.
  • Baby dragons are captivated by gold.
  • The dangers Lacey protects the village from are planning an attack.

Game Master Tips

  • If the baby dragons aren’t returned in time, goblins ambush the unprotected village. The players will need to decide how to focus their time at that point: on rescuing the baby dragons, or protecting the village.
  • If you want a longer campaign, have the bandits make off with a dragon. It will create an additional side campaign the players will need to complete.


They want a baby dragon for themselves.
  1. Purchase or steal a baby dragon.
  2. Invoke an ancient spell that revives the spirit of an ancient, evil dragon.
  3. Use the dragon as a weapon to gain control of the village.
Generally leave the village alone, but don’t like outsiders, who often hunt on their land. Want a dragon for protection.
  1. Purchase or steal a baby dragon.
  2. Put dragon under mind-control spell.
  3. Use the dragon as a weapon to enforce control over their area of the land.
Outside Threat
Want to attack and control the village.
  1. Livestock and villagers start going missing.
  2. Explosions and attacks happen in the village (perhaps under the cover of night).
  3. An army of outsiders descends on the village.