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Isle of the Kraken

Once every few years, a tiny island mysteriously rises from the depths of the sea for just a few hours. It never appears in the same place twice. Sometimes, it disappears before anyone’s even taken notice.

In the center of the island is a stone monolith, a small tower with a carving of a kraken at the top. It’s rumored that a powerful wizard who lived there thousands of years ago hid a magical conch shell somewhere on the island.

Many an explorer has ventured to the island searching for it. None have returned. Tonight, the island has surfaced again. You’re in a rowboat, headed in the direction it was allegedly seen. Water laps at the low sides of the boat.

Suddenly, you catch sight of it. In the distance, you see the monolith, the carving of the kraken lit brightly by the full moon above.

As you approach the shore, you see a ship moored to a tree, a black flag with two crossed tridents flapping in the gentle breeze. You notice two pirates asleep next to the tree. Foot prints lead into the forest towards the monolith.

What do you do?

Maps by Dyson Logos and Daniel’s Maps.