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Attack on Oakenshire

Giant spiders overrun the ancient elven treetop city of Oakenshire. Can you drive them out before centuries of invaluable knowledge are lost forever?

The Situation

You’re enjoying lunch in the tavern with your friends when an elf bursts through the doors, out of breath with flush red cheeks. “There’s been an attack on Oakenshire,” he exclaims, “we’ve been completely overrun with spiders, and they’ve taken Lord Faelyn hostage!”

Oakenshire is the elves’ treetop home. It contains ancient books and special magic found nowhere else in Farfaria. Its safety is vital to Farfaria. The elves has always had a warm relationship with the people of Farfaria, and they need your help.

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  • What have you heard about Oakenshire?
  • Have you been to the city before?
  • The elves are normally very secretive. Why do they trust you to help them?
  • What do you know about giant spiders? Do they have any weaknesses? Special abilities or powers?
  • Why did the spiders attack Oakenshire?
  • How were they able to gain access without being detected?
  • What can the elves do to prevent this from happening again?

In Media Res

You’re trapped.

In front of you is the door to the next room, sealed over with a thick layer of spider webs several inches thick. Behind you, several giant spiders and a monstrous centipede are blocking the door your just came through.

Their fangs are bared, and they’re closing in on you.

  • What’s on the other side of the door that’s sealed with webbing?
  • The elves who own this treetop city told one of you a secret hidden here. What is it?
  • One of you stole something from one of the rooms you passed through on your way here. What was it?
  • Who asked you to rid the city of spiders? How do you know them?
  • One of you is looking for something here that the rest of the group doesn’t know about. What is it?

Locations & Events

Oakenshire is a small city built into the trees of the forest. It’s a collection of treehouses connected to each other by bridges.

A rope ladder, out-of-reach and accessible only if someone from inside the city lowers it, provides access to the city. There’s a second hidden entrance built into the roots of one of the trees that provides an emergency entrance and exit.

  • The Kitchen. This room has a raised loft in the back with a small kitchen. You see a sink and wood stove against the back wall, a table and some chairs to the right. To your left are a set of stairs leading up to it.
  • The Bridge. The bridge connects the kitchen to the library. It has been weakened, and collapses as the adventurers cross it.
  • The Library. As soon as you walk into a room, the smell of old books hits your nostrils. Lining each wall are long, tall bookcases filled floor to ceiling with books. In the middle of the room is a simple room-length wooden table, with a long benches on each side. You’ve entered the elven library. These tomes contains ancient wisdom about the forests, passed down from one generation to next over the millennia. The knowledge contained here is irreplaceable.
  • The Lab. Against the back wall is a standing-height table covered in books, beakers, and magical artifacts. This room is the elven lab, where they experiment with potions and unlock the mysteries of the universe.
  • Sleeping Quarters. Rows of bunk beds line the walls, and create rows in the middle of the room. At the foot of each bed is an ornate chest that hold each elf’s clothes and other belongings. Magical candles glow in sconces mounted to the walls.
    • One of the chests is trapped, and will attack if opened
  • The Door to the Throne Room. The door to the throne room is enchanted and locked, and can only be opened by solving a puzzle or completing a feat.
  • The Throne Room. To the right is a sturdy desk, covered in crystals, potions, and a hardcover book. To the left is another tall bookcase filled with sacred texts. At your feed is an ornate purple and green carpet that leads to a large wooden throne at the back of the room. Animals and legendary elven figures are carved into the wood.


  • Spider (Giant)

    4 AD · 8-10 HP

    Can climb walls. Can attack with webs. Can see in the dark.

  • Centipede (Giant)

    2 AD · 7 HP

    Only attacks if cornered. Can burrow.

  • Elf

    3 AD · 7 HP

    Quick and agile. Expert with bows and swords.

Game Master Tips

  • You can make this as battle-heavy or exploratory as you want. Every room can be filled with spiders and centipedes, or you can make most of the rooms interesting places to learn more about elven culture.
  • The Door to the Throne Room provides a chance to weave a puzzle or “out of game” challenge into Adventure. This is totally optional, and can be skipped if you want.
  • You can optionally incorporate an Elf NPC to aid players through this adventure.