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Attack on Oakenshire

Giant spiders have overrun the ancient elven treetop city of Oakenshire. Can you drive them out before centuries of invaluable knowledge are lost forever?


The trees in this part of the forest are as wide as a house and several hundred feet tall.

Glancing up, you can make out the wooden bridges and vines that let the elves who live in the city of Oakenshire walk from one treetop home or shop to the next.

An elf bursts out of the shrubs to your left, out of breath with flush red cheeks. “There’s been an attack on Oakenshire,” he exclaims, “we’ve been completely overrun with spiders, and they’ve taken Lord Faelyn hostage!”

Before he can say another word, a thick strand of web wraps around the elf and rips him back up to the village with a scream.


  • What have you heard about Oakenshire?
  • An ancient artifact is rumored to be housed here. What is it, and who might be interested in it?
  • What do you know about giant spiders? Do they have any weaknesses? Special abilities or powers?
  • Are the spiders acting on their own, or are they controlled by someone else?
  • One of you has been to Oakenshire before. When, and why?
  • The treetop city is intentionally hard to access. How do you reach it from the ground?


  • Main Street. A collection of small shops selling everything from clothes to magical items to jewelry. The doors and windows are covered in webs, and some of the shops have cocoons of webbing hanging from the ceiling.
  • The Library. Oakenshire is an ancient city. The library is a gigantic space carved directly into a massive tree. The ceiling is a glass dome that let’s natural light from the sky above stream down. Some of the texts found here are thousands of years old, and contain magical secrets thought lost to time.
  • The Lab. A small space containing with beakers filled with colorful liquids floating over magical flames. Notes are scribbled in elven on the blackboard walls. Everything is labeled, but not in a language you understand.
  • Apartments. A collection of small studio living spaces, each with a modest kitchen, beds, and a collection of books. Many of the rooms are trashed or have broken windows. Several have cocoons of webbing in them.
  • Barracks. A large open space with a dozen bunk beds, this is where Oakenshire’s military lives. At the foot of each four-bed high bunk is a chest, locked, with an oak leaf carved into the front of it.
  • Armory. Off of the barracks is Oakenshire’s armory, where an assortment of spears, bow-and-arrows, and weapons of a magical nature can be found. The room is trashed, and many of the items are missing.
  • Throne Room. Behind a large, locked golden door is the throne room, where Lord Faelyn was last seen. The room features a hidden door that leads to the treasure room.
  • The Treasure Room. The treasure room houses Oakenshire’s most valuable possessions. Some are worth unfathomable amounts of money, while others possess immense power.

Creatures & Traps

  • Giant Spiders. Can shoot webs, climb on walls and ceilings, and have a poisonous bite.
  • Spiderlings. Small creatures that attack in swarms. They can bite and create web web traps, but aren’t very strong.
  • Grox. A massive, ancient spider with the power to communicate telepathically. Grox has thousands of spiderlings hiding on her that she can unleash as a last-ditch effort to escape.
  • Collapsed Bridge. One of the main bridge roads has been collapsed. Players need to find away across a 30’ gap, or take a lengthy detour.
  • Spiderweb Trapdoor. Part of the floor has been rigged to fall out when stepped on, dropping whatever player triggers it 20’ into a thick, sticky web net. If they don’t escape quickly, hungry spiderlings descend upon them.


  • The cocoons contain captured elves. If approached, they’ll wiggle. The elves inside can be cut free and flee. One or two may be convinced to share critical information or become a helpful NPC ally.
  • The spiders are actually controlled by a massive, ancient spider named Grox. She’s after something in the treasure room, but haven’t figured out where it is, and Lord Faelyn refuses to tell her.


Grox the Spider
Wants to use the artifact in the treasure room to transform the region into a giant nest.
  1. Locate the treasure room and secure the artifact.
  2. Leave with the artifact, and abandon the city of Oakenshire.
  3. Launch a raid on the largest city in the region.